2019- 2020 Chapter Officers
As Vice President of the Richmond chapter I am responsible for selecting all of our programs and speakers for the 2019-2020 season. My goal this year is to have a good mix of both distinguished ASHRAE lecturers and some non-technical topics.  Background:  Background: I graduated from VCU in 2012 with a B.S. In Mechanical Engineering. I am very active with the alumni chapter, and previously served as president of the alumni board. I have worked for TLA Inc. as an Outside Sales Engineer since graduating.

Robert Baxter, PE

Chapter President 2019-2020

Kathleen Mackinnon, P.E

President Elect 2019-2020

In my role as President Elect, I enjoy providing support for the Chapter and its Officers.  While that does take the form of practical involvement, attending meetings, planning future events, and decision making for our Chapter, the primary valuable service I can bring to the table this year is my comedic wit.   Background:   After graduating from UVA’s Engineering School in 2010, Kate was hired by the Dunlap & Partners team.  She received her PE in 2015 and continues to design in the commercial, healthcare, and institutional applications.  When she is not designing, she enjoys washing diapers, working in the yard, and eating peanut butter.

Tyler Berry, P.E

Chapter Treasurer 2019-2020

As Chapter Treasurer, my goal is to run chapter financial operations smoothly, but also assist the other chairs in their positions when needed.   Background:  I am a graduate of VCU’s College of Engineering and currently serve as their Alumni Board President. As an Account Executive at Johnson Controls, I try to educate and support engineers within the area with technical knowledge from prior design experience, but also knowledge of equipment and controls within our umbrella of products.

Andy Hobson

Vice President 2019-2020

Facts Chartered on June 10th, 1940 as a section of ASRE (American Society of Refrigeration Engineers) 1959 American Society of Refrigeration Engineers merge with the Society of Heating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers 1960 the present American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers was brought into being in Richmond
Facts Founded in 1894 50,000 volunteers 123 standards 85 research projects 100 technical committees 132 countries 171 chapters 240 student branches
Core Values Excellence Commitment Integrity Collaboration Voluntarism
As President of the ASHRAE Richmond Chapter, I value all of our volunteers and their efforts. We have a great team and continue to grow making a difference in our industry.   Background:  I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2012 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. I work as an operations program manager for Johnson Controls, focused on our HVAC equipment line of business. In 2018 I earned my PE in the state of Virginia. In the past I have served as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President-Elect for our ASHRAE chapter.
Kevin Dofflemyer Chapter Research Promotion Chair
Lauren Garner Student Activities Chair
Dan Waltz Chapter YEA Chair
As chapter secretary, my role is to take and maintain minutes for chapter and BOG meetings. I also serve as liaison between the chapter and Society Headquarters and maintaining chapter property.  I look forward to serving the members and the board this year.

David White

Chapter Secretary 2019-2020

Ali Doswell Membership Promotion Chair
RJ Hartman Government Affairs Chair
Louis Hite Special Events

OPEN!! Please join us

Chapter Refrigeration Chair

Diversity in ASHRAE Chair Sustainability Chair Research Promotion Committee Member
Mike Saweikis Chapter Historian
Marie Cruz Reception Chair
Kate MacKinnon Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Chair
Yen Huynh RJEC / ASHRAE Ambassador
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