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Louis H. Hite BAS Sales Manager Air Conditioning Equipment Sales, Inc 7314 Impala Drive Richmond, VA 23228 United States Office: (804) 264-2911 x205 Email: louish@aceshvac.com

October 12th 2020 - 11 AM

Kyle DelPiano MEETING HELD VIRTUALLY Click Here 11:00 AM - Presentation
Kyle DelPiano Variable-Speed Pumping Control Strategies The design and operation of hydronic systems have changed drastically over the years. The control of the pumps can have a significant impact on system efficiency and over all building comfort. This presentation evaluates modern control strategies for variable speed pumping in HVAC hydronic systems by looking at how the control area or control curve and diversity of the system can cause coil flow misses when operating at part load conditions. This course will also examine variable speed curve control and area control strategies with guidelines on when to apply each. Speaker Bio: Kyle DelPiano is the business development manager, Commercial Buildings, for Xylem. In this role, he works with senior management of water technologies and other divisions to develop strategic direction for the company’s HVAC market. Kyle has nearly 12 years of experience in the HVAC industry in a variety of sales and training roles. Kyle graduated from Auburn University in 2007, with a bachelor of science degree in polymer and fiber engineering, concentration in mechanics. Prior to joining Xylem in 2014, he was a sales engineer with Trane/Ingersoll Rand from 2008-2014, applying his engineering skills and knowledge to the HVAC industry and combining that with his outgoing personality and natural ability to cultivate relationships. He is LEED AP certified and an active committee member of HIA-C Hydraulic Industrial Alliance. He is a frequent ASHRAE presenter and has been recently nominated to the ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers Program. In addition to numerous technical presentations, Kyle has authored articles that have appeared in national industry publications on topics such as the advantages of hydronic systems versus variable refrigerant flow systems (VRF) as well as systems efficiency and modern pump selection. He recently authored an article on testing methods for new Department of Energy pump efficiency standards. Kyle co-developed Xylem’s Part Load Efficiency Value (PLEV) calculation, adapted from the AHRI IPLV standard load profile used for testing and rating chillers. PLEV is a standardized load profile that helps system designers calculate the energy consumption of the pump when a building’s actual load profile is not available to them. He espouses the benefits of mentorship for career and personal development, having been on the receiving end of great advice and feedback and also paying it forward by helping new engineers navigate the hydronic field. He’s passionate about helping people, whether that’s volunteering through his church, supporting Xylem’s corporate philanthropy program Watermark or working through a customer question about hydronic systems. He wholeheartedly believes his responsibility as an engineer is to never stop learning and to share his industry knowledge with those around him, inspired by the Auburn University creed: “I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully.”

September 8th 2020 - 12 PM

Brett Monteleone MEETING HELD VIRTUALLY 12:00 PM - Presentation
Brett Monteleone Centrifugal Chiller Operation and Efficiency Including a System Discussion on Optimization We will discuss the key drivers behind a centrifugal chiller’s energy consumption, along with design and operational decisions, that can help improve system efficiency. Speaker Bio: Brett Monteleone is the Regional Sales Manager covering the entire chiller line of business for the South Region. In his 15 years with York and JCI, he has held different local and regional positions in Orlando, Jacksonville and now works directly for JCI’s corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, WI. In his current role, he is responsible for the promotion and application of JCI’s entire portfolio of chillers and heat pumps. His career has been specifically focused on overall system optimization and design. He has supported the application of JCI’s chiller offering on projects throughout the USA and abroad in South America, North Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Seawater cooled titanium centrifugal, radiator cooled centrifugal and waterside cascade are just a few of the unique project applications Brett has lead in his career. Brett holds a BSIE from the University of Florida and is a LEED Accredited Professional. MICROSOFT TEAMS FOR VIRTUAL MEETING ACCESSED HERE Learn more about Teams
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Brett Monteleone
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November 2nd, 2020 - 12 PM

MEETING HELD VIRTUALLY 12:00 PM - Presentation
Doug Tucker Topic: The Changing Landscape of Refrigerants Speaker Bio: Doug Tucker is the Director of Industry and Government Relations at Mitsubishi Electric US (MEUS) in Suwanee, Georgia. In this role he represents the interests of MEUS with federal, state and local governmental organizations, with industry trade groups and regulatory bodies, and with energy efficiency advocacy groups. He is a recognized expert in the fields of standards development, conformity assessment, and regulatory policy of HVAC&R equipment. Prior to joining Mitsubishi Electric in 2014, Doug directed the international standards activities of ASHRAE, managing the development of ISO standards for refrigeration & air- conditioning, building energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. As staff liaison, he was also responsible for ASHRAE Standard 15, Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems, and ASHRAE Standard 34, Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants. Preceding his 15 years with ASHRAE, Doug was engaged for over 10 years in various engineering and management roles with Intertek/ETL Testing Laboratories. An ASHRAE member since 1999, Doug currently serves on SPC 15.2P - Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems in Residential Applications, SSPC 34 - Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants, SSPC 90.1 - Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, SGPC 41P - Design, Installation and Commissioning of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems, and MTG Lower Global Warming Potential Alternative Refrigerants. He was one of three presenters for the 2019 ASHRAE Webcast: The Future of Refrigerants: Unitary and VRF Systems. Doug is active on Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) regulatory and government relations committees, and is a member of the board of directors of the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy and the Green Building Initiative. He received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his MBA in International Business from Georgia State University, and has held a Professional Engineer license in Georgia and Florida.

November 2nd, 2020 12 PM

MEETING HELD VIRTUALLY Click Here 12:00 PM - Presentation $5 Donation Suggested for Chapter Operations and Research Promotion
Douglas Tucker
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December 7th 2020 - 12 PM

Joseph Klotz MEETING HELD VIRTUALLY Click Here 12:00 PM - Presentation
Tyler Berry
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Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/842382317
Tyler Berry and Joseph Klotz Topic: Division 25 - Building Operating System Integration & Design Implementation Integration. A word and a concept that has been used for decades. It is one thing to collect data and showcase it on a common dashboard, but how can we use building data to make a better building and drive business decisions. Let’s explore the history of integration, how we can better use that technology, and potential changes in design and contracting philosophy to reduce scope gaps, increase security, and provide efficiency in construction and design. Division 25 is where technology driven projects are heading. How do we get there? Speaker Biographies: Tyler Berry is a Consulting Engineer Account Executive for Johnson Controls. In his role, he works primarily with consulting engineering firms on a variety of projects and design strategies. Tyler’s customer engagement is design education focused, while leveraging Johnson Controls’ diverse portfolio of building solutions to solve the design challenges of his customers. Tyler assists and provides guidance internally on performance specifications, and portfolio and business strategies, and appreciates sharing design experience and knowledge with his supporting team members. Above all, he enjoys challenging himself and others to think outside the box on solutions, to continuously educate, and to think holistically when designing efficient building solutions. Prior to being at Johnson Controls, Tyler worked as a licensed design engineer and managed projects from pursuit and proposal to execution and construction. Tyler graduated from VCU in 2012 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He has served on the VCU College of Engineering Board since 2012, and with 2 years as President and 4 years as Vice-President of the Board. He values providing career guidance and education to college students and young engineers alike. Tyler has also served on the Richmond ASHRAE Board since 2016, and thoroughly enjoys the professional development, comradery, education, and relationships he has developed across the country while serving the Chapter. JOSEPH H. KLOTZ; Johnson Controls BMS Business Development Manager Much of Joe’s career has been focused on promoting and using technology to drive innovation, sustainability and energy savings in buildings. Joe has been in the HVAC / BAS industry since 1981, as a facilities manager, public facilities director, international business manager, and CEO of a BAS manufacturer. Joe graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a BS in Natural Resources Management. His work and responsibilities at Johnson Controls include supporting BMS Products marketing and sales for critical control, energy management, cybersecurity and sustainability projects. Joe is an ASHRAE member; he presents and speaks at many public events across North America.

February 1st, 2021 - 12 PM

John Castelvecchi, P.E., HFDP MEETING HELD VIRTUALLY Click Here 12:00 PM - Presentation Monday, Feb. 1 2021
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John Castelvecchi, P.E., HFDP Treasurer, Engineer Shutlz & James, Inc. Topic: Healthcare HVAC Design for Pandemics This presentation will cover some of the design aspects for Healthcare Facilities for pandemic operations. This includes temporaroy AII rooms within the hospital, isolation wards, and future design considerations for addressing pandemic operations. Speaker Biography: John has been with Shultz and James since November of 2001. John’s expertise is with laboratory systems, custom air handling units and heating, ventilating, air-conditioning systems, air flow measurement, and indoor air quality issues. Previously John served as a Project Developer for Dominion’s Evantage group, a Senior Engineer for Virginia Power's HVAC programs for the Commercial / Governmental sector. Before that he was with Hankins and Anderson, Inc. for 14 years serving as a lead project engineer and project manager. John is active within ASHRAE and served on the committees that developed ASHRAE Guideline 0 The Commissioning Process, Guideline 1.1 HVAC&R Technical Requirements for the Commissioning Process. In addition, he was on the committee updating the ASHRAE Laboratory Design Guide. Specifically led the development of the Exhaust Hoods chapter, the Controls chapter and the Laboratory Commissioning chapter. John is currently involved with TC 9.10 Laboratories and is active with TC 9.6 Healthcare. John has earned the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award. Previously served on the various positions at the Richmond Chapter level, and past-presenter for the chapter. Education and Licenses: * BSME, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1981 * MBA, Virginia Tech, 2000 * Licensed Professional Engineer, Virginia (1985), District of Columbia (1985), and North Carolina (1994) * Certified Healthcare Facility Design Professional - 2007

March 1st, 2021 - 12 PM

Louis Hite MEETING HELD VIRTUALLY Click Here 12:00 PM - Presentation Monday March 1st, 2021
Louis Hite Topic: Controls 201 - Controls as it Relates to Efficiency and Sustainability Louis Hite will be speaking to how controls relate to sustainability and efficiency. Topics of focus will be HVAC equipment, sequences of operation, industry trends, electrical considerations, and green initiatives vs. sustainability. Speaker Biography: Louis started in the control industry in February of 1978 with Robertshaw Controls. He joined ASHRAE in 1981 and was on the Membership Committee before becoming Membership Chairman from 1982 to 1984. In 1984 Louis became an officer of the Richmond Chapter serving as secretary and then advancing through all the officer positions before serving as chapter president during the 1988-1989 years. While serving as an officer Louis filled the standard roles as Research Promotion Chairman and Program Chairman. In 1982 with the retirement of George Nash, Louis became Chairman of Special Events. Special events had always included the Ladies Night and the Golf Outing. Looking for a way to raise money for the Frederick Weiss Scholarship Fund, the board decided to start a BBQ Festival. This function was added as one of the Special Events. In 2012, the Richmond Chapter celebrated 30 years of having the BBQ Festival. Louis has organized Special Events for all 30 years except for 3 years that he was in the Roanoke Chapter. He actually started a BBQ Festival for the Roanoke Chapter in 1992 while with Johnson Controls there. Through his leadership the Winterfest (formerly Ladies Night), the Golf Outing, and the BBQ Festival have grown and been a source of outreach to the mechanical industry. Today Special Events contribute about $10,000 yearly to the Scholarship Fund and to the Richmond Chapter operations budget. In 1993 Louis served as the ASHRAE liaison for the Richmond Joint Engineer’s Council (RJEC) and eventually served as their chairman for the 1995-96 year. Louis continues to serve as Chairman of Special Events and attends the monthly board meetings as well as the regular meetings. He is currently employed by Air Conditioning Equipment Sales as the Building Automation System Sales Manager where he has been since January of 1998.
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April 12th, 2021 - 12 PM

James L. Newman MEETING HELD VIRTUALLY Click Here 12:00 PM - Presentation Monday, April 12th 2021
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James L. Newman, CEM, LEED AP, OPMP, BEAP Distinguished Lecturer Topic: IAQ, Energy Auditing, Commissioning, bEQ, Energy Star, Energy Conservation, Sustainability and Other Good Stuff - How to Make Them Work for You and Your Clients This presentation will provide a helpful overview of Indoor Air Quality, Energy Auditing, Commissioning, Building Energy Quotient, Energy Star Portfolio Manager, Sustainability and more. It is designed to help engineers and others new to the construction and design industry better understand these tools so they can put them to practical use. Experienced building owners, developers, architects, facility managers, building engineers, and design-build and service contractors also will gain a better understanding of these concepts and how to get the most value from them. Speaker Biography: Jim Newman is an active member of many technical societies. Known as the “Dean of Green,” Jim regularly speaks across the U.S. and internationally to professionals, student groups and the media about sustainability and green technology. Today he uses his career expertise to help improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency in new and existing buildings – even more critical since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Jim is Owner/Managing Partner of Newman Consulting Group, headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan. He is a CEM, a LEED AP BD+C, an ASHRAE OPMP & BEAP, and an ASHRAE DL since 2010. He is also a Fellow of the Engineering Society of Detroit, and of ASHRAE as of 2021. He is a trainer for ASHRAE Energy Standard 90.1, and has trained hundreds of architects, engineers, code officials and contractors on the use of the Standard. He was co-chair of the IAQ committee for the new chapter on Climate Control that will be published in the 2021 ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook. He is also a trainer for the BOMA High-Performing Building Certification, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Detroit BOMA Chapter in 2019. Jim received a BSME from Tufts University in Boston, MA, and continued his education for an MBA degree at the University of Detroit and Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Newman Consulting Group (NCG) is an EPA Energy Star® and Rebuild Michigan® Partner. The Group works with architects, engineers, building owners and contractors throughout the world to design and construct more energy-efficient buildings to LEED® and other sustainable guidelines. NCG also helps commercial and industrial building owners retrofit existing buildings so they use less energy – and save money - while maintaining or improving the indoor air quality. Jim said he’d much rather be here in person but he is still pleased to be able to meet us all virtually and hopes we get a lot out of the presentation.

May 3rd, 2021 - 12 PM

Ken Watkins Alan Standerwick MEETING HELD VIRTUALLY Click Here 12 PM - Presentation Monday, May 3rd 2021
Ken Watkins and Alan Standerwick Topic: Designing Steam Systems When Connecting to Central Plants Speaker Biographies: Ken is a 1983 Mechanical Engineering graduate of Clemson University. The first portion of his career he worked in construction, consulting, and plant engineering. The last 26 years have been in the steam industry as a field sales engineer, performing system reviews, troubleshooting, and system design. This includes consulting for engineering and facilities personnel in the proper utilization of steam system equipment for multiple industries. In September 2017, Ken joined Watson McDaniel as the Southeast Business Development Manager. He is responsible for representing the Watson McDaniel product line in all aspects around the Southeast. His duties include meeting with consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, technical sales organizations, and end users in various industries, as well as steam product and system reviews. Alan is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience, having worked in various facets within the steam industry. He has worked around the globe providing technical engineering support and sales in the Institutional, food & beverage & pharmaceutical markets. Alan Graduated from Brunswick College in Gloucestershire, England, and is a member of the ISA and has a CCST (Certified Controls System Technician) certification with the association. He has had articles published in the “Plant Engineering” Magazine. From February 2018 to present, Alans career path is with the Watson McDaniel Company and is the South East Region Technical Support Manager. His responsibilities cover the technical engineering support of the product portfolio and Watson McDaniel’s Representative / Distribution network within the territory.
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